Elementor #743

My worst failure was success 



 When I was a student at varsity, I used to sell airtime. I had the best deal in town, I used to buy Vodacom R29 for R25, MTN R30 for R25 and Cell C. Well, I do not remember how much Cell C cost, but I got a discount on it too. Cell C was the slowest to move that time, in 2003. I sold each for R2 discount.

The business was successful. It started to interfere with my studies. There was no time to study, every now and then someone would knock at my door looking for airtime.

 As someone in search of education I was faced with choosing between my studies and selling airtime. At least those were the only options I knew at the time. Naturally, I closed the business. It did not feel like a failure at the time, it felt like being decisive and taking care of first things first.

As time progressed and I was ready to go back to business. I shopped around and that deal was nowhere to be found. The airtime business is very challenging. If you have been to some of the townships you would notice extra R1 or R0.50 added to the airtime price in an attempt to make some profit.

 When I needed to do business. Let me say, desperately needed to do business. I could not help but reminisce on the good days. It dawned on me, that I was supposed to hire someone instead of closing off the business. That time my business acumen was extremely low.

Looking back, I know that I was successful as a businessman. I did not know how to handle success and that led to failure. I know better today that it is important to employ the expertise of a mentor to have an experienced view and guidance on matters relating to handle success.

 Lacking the ability to handle success turned my success into a failure. And it remains my worst failure.

 It is true. Nothing fails like success.