Consider this:

  • Where do you go to when seeking protocol to start a registered business?
  • You have successfully registered your business however, you are facing some challenges in your industry, where do you get help?
  • You are a well-respected, successful industry-leading entrepreneur and wish to mentor an industry successor, where do you find one?

The Entrepreneurs Hub seeks to reliably connect you to what you need, while also promoting your significance to the economy. If you fit in any of the 3 categories above, you are the ideal candidate for our televised program where we live interview aspirants, startups and experts on a common subject matter on a monthly basis.

The outcome of our program is that:

  • The aspiring entrepreneur makes an informed decision on whether to take the next step in company registration with sufficient support to successful registration;
  • The start-up entrepreneur realizes his/her areas of development and is reliably advised on how to take his/her business to the next level.
  • The industry leader shares his/her expertise, realizes and recognizes the potential industry successor and either gives guidance or offers mentorship to the start-up.

Corporates and Organizations are invited to promote their brand with their banners or stations at our studios or sponsor relevant branded artefacts. For more information about the promotion, contact marketing@ehub.co.za

All our partners and associates ought to subscribe to our core values of integrity, excellence, partnership & results. Partners and associates’ engagement should feed into our mission and ultimately contribute to our envisioned future.